Resilience takes many shapes and forms but is the ability to ride the waves of constant change. In these challenging times, appreciating the options available for developing both inner and outer personal strategies can help to create a long term approach to resilience. Today, developing resilience helps us to ride the tide of change.  There are two aspects to resilience – one is personal resilience intelligence (PRQ) for individual leaders and the second is organisational resilience intelligence (ORQ) with a focus on the organisation (Young, 2022).  Our focus is individual personal resilience.

Developing Personal Resilience (2022)

Wellbeing is vital for our health in terms of mind, body and spirit. In the post covid world we have all recently learnt how important this area has become for our very survival. Explore what is the right approach for your circumstances in order to achieve optimum health. A key part of personal resilience.

Consultancy and individual coaching available to help you further explore personal resilience and wellbeing .